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Norwegian sanctions on Belarus draw comments from Lukashenko


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Minsk, May 17 – President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, on behalf of the Belarusian people and personally, congratulated the people of Norway on the national holiday – Constitution Day, while noting with regret that the official Oslo, by joining the sanctions against Minsk, violates the rights of ordinary Belarusians.
“During its independence, your state has achieved significant results in providing the population with a high standard of living and social guarantees, introducing innovative and environmental approaches into the economy,” Lukashenka’s press service quotes congratulations.
He noted that in recent decades, Norway has continuously expanded its cooperation with Belarus, and has been a good friend and reliable partner of the sovereign republic in Scandinavia, and the companies of the two countries that are involved in the food industry have made a worthy contribution to the world. food security.

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“Unfortunately, today the official Oslo, having joined the illegal politically motivated sanctions against our country, is violating the rights of ordinary Belarusian citizens. Belarus has always been sensitive to agriculture. Now the problems associated with Belarusian fertilizers are acquiring a new scale. Restrictions on it create the threat of famine To millions of people around the planet,” Lukashenka said.
In his congratulations, the Head of State stressed that, despite the difficult political climate in the region, Belarus strives to maintain friendly relations, cultural and trade contacts between Belarusians and Norwegians and is always open to dialogue based on equality and mutual respect.
Relations between Belarus and Western countries deteriorated sharply after the 2020 presidential elections and the suppression of opposition protests against their results. Western countries gradually imposed sanctions on Belarusian officials, companies and industries. A new phase of Western sanctions expansion against Belarus occurred due to Minsk’s support for Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine.

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