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“Not Apple, but in its footsteps” Belarus presents the first domestic portable computer


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Yuri Bridko, CEO of the Belarusian company Gorizont (Horizon), said that Belarusian laptops are able to compete in the market.

The general manager described these laptops as “thin, light and quiet.”

He added: “I don’t want to say that our products are better than Apple products, but we are following in its footsteps and we have many products that may surprise you. Notice how a regular classic laptop opens and how we open our device. It has a viewing angle of not 180 degrees, but 178 degrees and can be seen from all sides. On our device, all inputs and connectors are good – something many others lack.”

The director continued: “At the moment, prototypes have been made in several batches and transferred to well-known large trading companies for testing. There they were tested and they gave us a report. We took into account some of their comments.

Bridko touched upon the production of Belarusian software, as well as the Basic Input/Output System (system BIOS). “This is a first-level program that actually manages all operations,” he said.

As for the price of the device, the manager said that it does not exceed 1.5 thousand Belarusian rubles (about $600).


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