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Nuland told the details of the new sanctions against Russia


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Washington, February 23 – Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland said the new sanctions, which the United States and its G7 partners plan to release on Friday, will focus on limiting Russia’s ability to circumvent those already in place.
In a video interview with The Washington Post, she explained that the new sanctions package, which the United States, along with G7 partners, intend to unveil on Friday, is focused “intently and deliberately” on closing opportunities to circumvent existing restrictions.
“They use third countries to get around our sanctions. For example, they import 1000% more laptops, iPhones, dishwashers from third countries, not because they want to work at home on laptops, but in order to cannibalize this technology.” To get modern chips we refuse to make more missiles and so on.

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She said that the new sanctions will affect, in particular, a number of Russian banks and Chinese companies, which, according to the Americans, are involved in attempts to circumvent the restrictions.

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