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Observers Report No Violations in Turkmenistan’s Parliamentary Elections


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Ashgabat (March 26) – Member of the mission, Russian Senator Nikolai Vladimirov, said on Sunday that the monitoring mission under the auspices of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization did not reveal any violations in Turkmenistan’s majlis (parliament) elections.
Voting in the Turkmen parliamentary elections took place until 19.00 (17.00 Moscow time).
Speaking with reporters, the senator, even before the end of the vote, said that “international observers from the Shanghai Cooperation Organization on the day of the vote went to the polling stations in Ashgabat, looked at how the electoral process was going, and talked with members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Election Commission ” .

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“We visited several polling stations, looked and talked with voters: is there any pressure, someone indicated whether to vote for whom – there were no such cases. I liked that our observers were present – from the political parties that followed the vote. The senator stressed No violations noted.
He pointed out that the observers also went to the outskirts of Ashgabat to the region to see how the voting is taking place there.
“People come quietly, there are information stands, and each voter can get acquainted with the candidates and their programs. And they make up their minds.

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