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Omega Strikers Update 3.01: Game Update, Bug Fixes, Improvements, and Patch Notes


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A new update has been released for Omega Strikers Update 3.01. You can find out all the details of the Game Update, Bug Fixes, improvements, and Patch Notes below.Omega Strikers Update 3.01 is now available for download, for all platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. The file size may vary depending on the platform.

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Like Awakenings, we’ll now rotate maps in and out on occasion to highlight new options and improve the meta.

Rotated Out: Oni Village, Atlas’s Lab
Active Rotation: We’re reducing the number of maps in the active rotation from 6 to 5. We expect to rotate maps in and out more frequently during future patches and micropatches. The standard rule is that all maps have an equal chance to be selected.
Clarion Test Weekend: In Normal and Quick Play queues, Clarion Test Chamber will have a heightened (50%) chance to be selected this weekend. On Monday, Normal and Quick Play queues will be changed back to have an equal chance for all maps in the active rotation to be selected. Ranked queue percentage will be unchanged and follow the standard rule.

USE ENERGY BURST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Something long requested – we’ve finally be able to add in some more callouts for all of your in-game communication needs

  • 7 Total pings!
    • KO Them!
    • Get Orbs!
    • Sorry!
    • Use Energy Burst!
    • Spread Out!
    • Let Me Defend!
  • no more “help help help…” sorry.

We’ve overhauled custom games. It’s now MUCH easier to join/host custom games with a bunch of new features.

  • Choose lobby size
  • Enable/Disable spectators
  • Premade lobby codes
  • Lobby owner can rearrange teams (drag and drop)
  • Map selection
  • Game mode selection (Normal, Quickplay, Tea Time Tussle)
  • Server selection

Not only Rasmus, Zentaro gets a skin too. Lookin’ a little cyberpunk over there, dude.

  • Magician Rasmus
  • Neon Soul Zentaro

Nao is Clarion Corp’s Director of Special Projects; a calculating businesswoman who uses drones to support her allies and create zones of power on the field. While her offensive capabilities are limited, this supportive striker offers players a high skill ceiling and a suite of utility and core control tools. To make the most out of Nao’s kit, you’ll have to think two steps ahead by placing her long-lasting creations in strategic spots, and know when to warp into the action to take matters into your own hands.

    • Launch a drone that hits the first enemy struck. At max range or upon recast, it halts and creates unstable energy that increases in power and size over time, hitting the first enemy struck in the direction cast.
    • Deploy a drone at a target location that lasts up to 15s and detonates on contact with a friendly player, hitting enemies away. Nearby allies restore 20% max stagger and gain a 50% Haste BUFF for 1.25s. Enemies can disarm the drone by briefly standing on it.
    • Become ELUSIVE and BLINK to a target location near yourself or an ally, restoring 50% of nearby allies’ missing stagger on arrival. Within the next 3.25s, recast to BLINK back to your starting position.


Ai.Mi simps, erm, players I mean, were KOing others too easily with her combo. This will make it just a tad trickier to pull it off.

    • PVP Damage and Knockback :: 210 (+105% Power) → 195 (97.5% Power)
    • Core Knockback :: 1315 (+192.5% Power) → 1300 (+185% Power)

We mentioned some Asher buffs last time, these should help Goalie Asher but should not buff forward Asher too much.

    • Barrier width on her side of the field increased by 10%
    • Hitbox reduced to better match strike size
    • This should make Secondary → Strike combos more reliable

We want to see Shotgun Lizard pull off some cool plays, this’ll help him control the field a bit more.

    • PVP Knockback :: 120 (+60% Power) → 140 (+70% Power)
    • Damage and Core Knockback unchanged
    • [BUGFIX] No longer spawns behind him.
      • As a result, max range :: 900 → 950

As we mentioned previously, Finii has struggled to find her footing despite living it up in buff city. We’ve decided to give her whole kit some love with QOL changes, numbers buffs, and a mini ability rework! We expect she’ll now sit at Finii percent win rate.

    • Number of pulses :: 1 → 3
      • Time between pulses :: 0.4s
    • PvP Damage per pulse :: 180 (+90% Power) → 80 (+40% Power)
    • PvP Knockback :: 180 (+90% Power) → 160 (+80% Power)
    • Core Knockback :: 1340 (+180% Power) → 1140 (80% Power)
    • Missile size Increased by 10%
    • Missile speed increased (ability resolves about 10% faster)
      • Initial forward speed :: 2900 → 3000
      • Minimum speed going forward :: 0 → 500
      • Backwards speed :: 6000 → 6125
    • [BUGFIX] Attempted to fix a bug where Finii PRIMARY occasionally fizzled out without switching directions
    • Improved ability to initially capture the Core
      • Ability to hold captured Cores unchanged
    • Cores that have recently been boosted by Core Burst will more consistently escape.
    • Recast lockout :: 0.5s → 0.25s
    • Recast channel time :: 0.15s → 0.1s
    • PvP Slow reduced :: 25% → 15%

Juno can now consistently strike the Core at ALL points of her jump.

    • [BUGFIX] Juno can now consistently strike the Core at ALL points of her jump.

Kazan has been underperforming in win rate in most tiers of play. We’re giving him a slight nudge to his most devastating, but also most fair, ability.

    • PvP Damage and Knockback :: 180 (+90% Power) → 200 (+100% Power)
    • Core Knockback :: 1340 (+180% Power) → 1380 (+200% Power)

In upper tiers of play, Kai can’t really hang. This will help him fit in with the damaging gamers a bit more.

    • PVP Damage and Knockback :: 50 (+25% Power) → 60 (+30% Power)
    • Core Knockback unchanged

Everyone is banning Rune. Stop it. This should make him less annoying to play against in the goal but keep him relatively the same Forward.

    • Pillar duration :: 1.75 → 1.6
    • Pillar duration :: 1.75 → 1.6

In many tiers of play, X is not a popular choice! Why? I mean look at him, he is so fine and so cool. His hair is so rad. I am glad I am getting this buff. I mean he is getting this buff. haha.

    • PvP Damage and Knockback :: 200 (+100% Power) → 220 (+110% Power)
    • Core Knockback :: 1380 (+200% Power) → 1390 (+205% Power)
  • Gain 20% Speed for 1.5s whenever you hit something or get hit. Refresh your SECONDARY ability whenever you stagger an enemy or become staggered.
  • Gain 40 Power and 30% Speed whenever you’re within 400 range of the Arena’s edge.
  • Gain 25% Size. Whenever you destroy or assist in destroying an enemy barrier, your cooldowns are reduced by 8s.

The era of hotshot is coming to an end. Cores in general have been flyin’ that we need to slow it down. Just a lil’

  • Core Hit amplifier :: 15% → 14%
  • CD reduction :: 35% → 30%
  • Max CD refund: 3.5s → 3.0s

As with Hotshot, we want to slow down cores a bit with One-Two Punch as well.

  • Hit amplifier for second hit within 2.5s :: 30% → 28%
  • Core Hit amplifier :: 15% → 14%

Overshadowed by the other schmoovement picks, Pummelers wasn’t giving players what they needed!

  • Speed boost during power plays :: 20% → 30%

We undid the “base” stagger buff from the last patch but are looking to have this particular spark scale better.

  • Base stagger :: 150 → 100
  • Stagger Bonus per spark :: 250 → 350

Strike Shot has been underperforming other options as of late, so we’re giving it a decently large bump in the right direction.

  • Missile Speed :: 1750 → 2000
  • Range increased by 75
  • Cooldown :: 11s → 10s

Strikers with creations were leaving them on the playing field timelessly. This will make them a little less timeless and smaller, but still effective.

  • Duration increase :: 70% → 65%
  • Size increase :: 50% → 40%

An unpopular choice, Vambrace was only kinda good on a small subset of characters. This will make it a better choice for anyone in the cast to pick.

  • Healing from hitting core :: 4% → 10% of damage dealt
    • (Ex: Healing from strike on Core 54 → 135) (Yes striking the Core counts as damage. The core feels pain. Think about that when you play.)
  • Kai no longer cancels his PRIMARY when his SPECIAL hits something.
  • Strike Shot indicator no longer disappears.
  • Sakura Wildstyle Rune now shows correct model when using in-game expressions.
  • Finii’s Misdirection projectile will no longer disappear when it reverses course.
  • Kazan can no longer hit elusive allies with his Open-Form PRIMARY
  • Inky’s Splash Zone water cannon audio will no longer sometimes play indefinitely
  • Various other minor bug fixes.

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