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On February 6, Estonia will ban drivers from importing fuel from Russia in cylinders


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Helsinki, February 6 – The transitional period of EU sanctions on oil products from Russia ends on February 5, and their purchase and import into the EU will be prohibited from Monday, and motorists will be prohibited from importing gasoline from the Russian Federation into Estonia in packages, reports the Tax and Customs Service of the Republic baltic.
According to administration spokesman Piret Tinkus, fuel used for cars is also on the list of prohibited items. According to the law, a resident of the European Union has the right to purchase fuel in Russia if necessary to complete the trip and return to the territory of the European Union.
Thus, the driver has the right to import into the European Union the fuel contained in the vehicle’s regular fuel tank and intended for use in the same vehicle. It is forbidden to import fuel purchased in Russia in packages.

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When entering from Russia, the ban on importing fuel in packages works uniformly in all the Baltic states and Finland, Tenkus added.
Dumping a car with fuel after it crosses the border and returning it with or without payment is a penalty offence. Pumping is only permitted for the purpose of repairing the vehicle if, as indicated by the department, fuel is being pumped back into the vehicle.

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