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On Sakhalin, unknown persons killed 26 Red Book deer


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YUZHNO-SAKHALINSK, February 25 – The remains of 26 wild reindeer were found in North Sakhalin, the News Agency reported on Saturday at the Regional Forestry and Hunting Agency.
“Forest employees on February 24, during another raid to protect and protect wildlife, discovered the remains of 26 wild reindeer in a hard-to-reach place in the Uchinsky district. We are currently processing the materials for transfer to law enforcement agencies,” said the agency’s interlocutor.
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According to her, poachers face criminal liability with mandatory compensation for damage to nature.
On Friday, a video was circulated on social networks and local media, the author of which depicted the remains of a dead deer. As the man said behind the scenes, unknown hunters destroyed 25 heads in the Acre area, including 13 females, some of whom were pregnant. The remains of the animals were found on February 24 in the upper reaches of the Don River.

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The Sakhalin region prosecutor’s office conducted an inspection on the fact of deer destruction in the Ukhynsky district, the press service of the supervisory agency reports.
The environmental prosecutor’s office of the Sakhalin region is investigating the circumstances of the accident with the participation of the regulatory authorities. They will assess compliance with the legislation on the animal world, the completeness of the measures taken with the aim of preserving especially valuable species of animals listed in the Red Book of Sakhalin and the Russian Federation.
“If there are reasons, comprehensive measures will be taken to respond to the public prosecutor. The Okha City Public Prosecutor’s Office has taken control of the progress and results of the procedural examination,” the report said.

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