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One Fatality and 92 Structures Destroyed in Sosva Village Fire in Sverdlovsk.


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Moscow, April 25 – In the village of Sosva, Sverdlovsk region, 92 buildings were damaged by fire. During the extinguishing and removal of rubble, one dead person was found, according to the Telegram channel of the Russian Emergencies Ministry.
The report stated that “92 buildings were damaged by fire. While extinguishing and removing rubble, one body was found.”
As specified, 120 people and 33 pieces of equipment were involved in eliminating the fire, including two fire trains and a helicopter of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia and the National Guard.
It is noted that the spread of fire is facilitated by the presence of a large amount of dry vegetation, wind gusts of 20 meters per second, as well as a location far from bodies of water. To supply water to the fire station, main lines from the Sosva River with a total length of 2 km were laid.

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The head of the administration of the Sosvinsky urban district, Gennady Makarov, said that the passage to the village is partially open, and some residents have gone home. “The passage to Sosva is partially open. People come slowly. Who needs a business trip, who needs to go home. 92 houses burned down. A good piece of the village burned down. The local portal cites.
He said he will hold a meeting on Wednesday with local residents. “All interested persons will come: ministers, the prosecutor’s office, the police, several officials will come. We will immediately consider the questions of each resident, mark each by name – who needs what, who needs help,” the administration concluded.
Governor Yevgeny Kuivashev earlier instructed to convene a meeting of the regional committee for the prevention and elimination of emergency situations and ensuring fire safety (CES). On behalf of the head of the region, Deputy Governor Izzat Salikhov and Minister of Public Security Alexander Kudryavtsev were sent to Sosva. They are required to coordinate work on the spot, provide all necessary assistance in eliminating the fire and its consequences, and pay special attention to the resettlement of people. The governor also set the task of mobilizing all services under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health in the region when needed.
Fires broke out in at least five municipalities on Wednesday, according to regional authorities. A commission of inquiry determines the circumstances of these fires and provides a legal assessment of the actions or omissions of those responsible.

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