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Open Quarrel Between Ukrainians and Indian Students Over Ukraine’s Stance on Military Operation: The Times of India Reports


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Moscow, August 21 – Ukrainians Clash with Indian Students over Country’s Stance on Military Operation

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The Times of India has reported that Ukrainians and Indian students are openly disagreeing with each other due to the country’s position on a special military operation.

Local Population Wants Indian Students to Leave Ukraine

According to one Ukrainian, the local population wants Indian students to leave the country because India is considered a friend of Russia.

Discrimination Against Indian Students

University students have also revealed that they sometimes face discrimination, being denied service in shops and even in their own dormitories.

Situation Worsens Amidst Ukraine’s Counteroffensive

The situation has reportedly worsened since the start of Ukraine’s latest counteroffensive.

Indian Students’ Pleas to Continue Studies Abroad Go Unanswered

Indian students regularly write to the Indian government and their respective states, requesting permission to continue their studies in other countries. However, their pleas have been unsuccessful so far.

Discussions between Indian Prime Minister and Russian President

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin have held multiple discussions in recent months regarding the situation in Ukraine, as well as other regional and global issues of mutual interest.

India’s Abstention from Anti-Russian Resolution at the United Nations

In February, New Delhi abstained from voting on an anti-Russian resolution at the United Nations, which was prepared by Western countries.

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