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OpenSea Pro surpasses Blur with greater trading volumes and higher titles


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NFT aggregator OpenSea Pro has seen an increase in active addresses and transaction volumes after its launch this week, surpassing Blur, an NFT marketplace.

The big increase in numbers comes after the announcement of the new offering of OpenSea Pro aimed at professional NFT traders.

OpenSea Pro Marketplace has managed to dominate and handle most of the transactions in the ever-competitive market. A prominent NFT market has been launched to compete with the fee-free Blur platform.

OpenSea Pro holds the highest share among NFT aggregators

The numbers rose after its launch on April 4 when OpenSea Pro announced an offering aimed at improving the experience of professional traders on the platform.

According to Dune stats, new OpenSea Pro addresses rose to over 1,800 per day before returning to 1,000. The number of active addresses also rose to over 3,500 per day and now oscillates around 3,000.

The daily volume of the platform exceeded $3 million and has been hovering above $2.5 million since then.

Blur vs. OpenSea Pro

The two NFT aggregators, Blur and OpenSea Pro, had a big fight this week. Blur has dominated the market since its arrival due to its notable airdrops.

However, this week, OpenSea Pro took the lead after increasing its transaction share before losing it to Blur on April 7th.

The platform captured 55.1% of the entire market on April 5, while Blur controlled 29.5%. The numbers improved for OpenSea on April 6, with a whopping 58.4% market share. The platform has maintained more than 50% of all transactions between NFT aggregators.

Previously, prior to its acquisition by OpenSea, the NFT aggregator was known as Gem. Open Sea acquired it back in April 2022 as a way to show support for the growing NFT community.

During the launch, OpenSea was excited to roll out a platform that would equip and allow collectors to get the best deals across 170 markets and access to cutting-edge tools that would quench their automation needs.

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