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Oppenheimer: A Worldwide Box Office Bomb Exploring the Construction of the Atomic Bomb


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Oppenheimer is a worldwide box office bomb

Christopher Nolan’s latest film, Oppenheimer, has become a sensation at the box office. Following the mixed reception of his previous film, Tenet, Nolan has returned with a prestigious and high-quality feature. Oppenheimer, which explores the construction of the atomic bomb, has been a massive success in terms of both admissions and revenue. In France alone, the film has exceeded 3.3 million admissions. However, its international success is even more impressive, with over $720 million raised.

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Logan Paul did not hold Oppenheimer’s three hours, he preferred to leave

In light of Oppenheimer’s recent success, many fans of Christopher Nolan are debating whether this film surpasses his previous masterpiece, Interstellar. However, one notable critic is content creator Logan Paul, who openly admitted on his podcast “ImPaulsive” that Oppenheimer did not appeal to him. During a discussion with filmmakers Michael and Danny Philippou, Logan Paul expressed his lack of interest in the film and revealed that he left the screening before it concluded. He found the film boring and difficult to follow, unlike the majority of the audience who have praised Nolan’s work.

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