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Optimism releases a new on-chain governance portal from Agora


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Optimism has announced the launch of a new governance portal called the Optimism Agora. The portal, built by Agora, aims to bring Token House votes up the chain from the previous governance portal.

Moving on to voting on the entire series

According to the Operational Manual, the Optimism Group makes decisions through governance proposals that are accepted or rejected through a voting process.

Optimism, the layer-2 gateway on Ethereum, has a gateway from which they are now moving to a dedicated on-chain voting solution. Here, all management proposals are put to a vote.

Previously, voting on the Token House took place in a five-week cycle for all proposals. Anyone can submit a proposal to the Optimism Department as long as it is valid and follows the appropriate voting process. The operation manual describes the voting process and lists the types of valid motions.

According to the Uniswap-Optimism delegate committee, there is a set procedure that is followed for any transition. The committee also defines the roles and expectations of the committee members and the standards they must follow.

What is Agora optimism?

Optimism Agora is part of the Optimism Group, a group of different entities working together to reward public goods and dispel the myth that they cannot be profitable. It takes a different approach to governance and aims to build a sustainable future for Ethereum. It is also associated with a mutually beneficial vision that equals impact with profit.

The Optimism Agora portal describes itself as a “home for optimistic voters” that hosts the Optimism Token House. It serves as the delegate’s registry and provides a platform for all Token House votes to occur on-chain.

The launch of the Optimism Agora is the first step towards transitioning to full chain voting. In addition, the launch will improve the governance of DAOs and blockchains.

The Optimism Agora portal conducted a test vote that will run until February 16th before voting on the Bedrock protocol upgrade in March.

The forum post was up until Feb 8th and was set up for a flash poll 3 days before the poll was finalized.

Agora has been credited by Optimism Management for bringing the portal to reality.

How will the transition affect optimism?

The main goal of the transition is to improve the governance process of DAOs and blockchains.

The portal will also act as a delegate record containing the contacts and addresses of the contracted delegates.

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