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Oreshkin discusses optimistic state of the economy


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MOSCOW, April 25 -/ Prime. According to the results of the current year, the growth of the GDP of the Russian Federation will be from 1 to 2%, which allows one to look at the economic picture with optimism, Maxim Oreshkin, Assistant to the President of Russia, said, speaking at Knowledge. First marathon.
“If you look at the economic picture now, it allows you to speak to some optimism about what is happening in our country. As I said, our economy has shown positive growth rates since July last year. Business confidence levels for both business and the population are at their highest levels in several years.. In general, for this year, GDP will grow somewhere from 1 to 2%, ”said Oreshkin.

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He also noted that at present there is a “standard situation” in the local labor market. The presidential aide said the unemployment rate, which is currently 3.5%, has never been this low.

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