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Over 5,000 People Martyred in Israeli Raids on Gaza: Palestinian Ministry of Health


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Palestinian Ministry of Health Reports Over 5,000 Deaths in Israeli Raids on Gaza

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The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza has announced that more than 5,000 people have been killed in Israeli raids on the Strip. This includes 2,055 children. Additionally, 15,273 individuals have been injured in the attacks, as Israel continues to launch daily bombardments on the city since early October.


The ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine has resulted in a high number of casualties and injuries. The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza provides regular updates on the situation to keep the public informed.

Number of Deaths and Injuries

According to the Ministry of Health, the current death toll stands at 5,087, with over 2,000 children among the victims. Additionally, there have been 15,273 reported injuries caused by the Israeli attacks.

Continued Israeli Bombardments

Israel has been conducting daily bombardments on Gaza since early October. The constant attacks have resulted in a significant loss of life and widespread injuries among the Palestinian population.


The situation in Gaza remains dire, with thousands of deaths and injuries reported due to Israeli raids. The Palestinian Ministry of Health continues to monitor and provide updates on the ongoing conflict.

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