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Papillomas and Tumors of the Cornea: Detection and Importance of Consulting an Endocrinologist


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Papillomas and Tumors of the Cornea: What You Need to Know

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Papillomas and tumors of the cornea can be detected through visual examination. These growths tend to increase in number and size as a person ages.

Consult an Endocrinologist

It is important not to ignore these tumors and to seek advice from an endocrinologist. Dr. Sergey Agapkin emphasizes the significance of consulting a specialist, as these skin tumors, especially papillary ones, are highly sensitive to insulin.

The Role of Insulin

A high level of insulin in the blood is prevalent among adults, with 40 percent of them affected. Interestingly, despite the high insulin levels, glucose levels remain normal. This abnormality leads to the stimulation of neuroplasticity processes, causing the growth of new tissues in the body.

Recommended Tests

Doctors typically prescribe a set of tests to determine the status of carbohydrate metabolism:

  • Glucose level
  • Insulin and insulin resistance index HOMA, as well as the relationship between glucose and insulin CARO
  • Glycosylated hemoglobin test
  • C-peptide (binding peptide) test

Importance of Lifestyle Changes

Even if your glucose levels appear normal, it is crucial to limit your consumption of simple carbohydrates and make necessary lifestyle modifications. Dr. Agapkin explains that when carbohydrate metabolism is normalized, papillomas and other growths tend to disappear or decrease in number and size.


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