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Partly Cloudy Weather with Temperatures Exceeding 26 Degrees Expected in Moscow on Friday, Says Meteorological Specialist


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Weather Forecast for Moscow on Friday

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According to Alina Kotelevskaya, a senior specialist at the Phobos Meteorological Center, the weather in Moscow on Friday is expected to be partly cloudy with temperatures reaching over 26 degrees.

Cloudy with No Rain Expected

Kotelevskaya mentioned that there will be slight clouds and no rain in Moscow on Friday. The temperature in Moscow will range from 24 to 26 degrees, while in the Moscow region it will range from 22 to 27 degrees.

Wind Speed and Atmospheric Pressure

The wind will be blowing from the south at a speed of 3-8 meters per second. The atmospheric pressure will slightly change and measure 754 mm Hg.

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