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Pele spends Christmas in the hospital due to his advanced illness


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Moscow, December 22 – Three-time world champion Pele will spend Christmas in hospital due to a worsening illness, according to Sky Sports.
Pele was hospitalized on November 30. An 82-year-old Brazilian was diagnosed with generalized edema of the body, heart failure, and confusion. It was reported that Pele was taken to the hospital to re-evaluate the results of chemotherapy for a colon tumor that was diagnosed in September 2021. According to the daughters of the former soccer player, Pele was hospitalized due to pneumonia caused by the Corona virus.
It is noted that Pele had impaired kidney and heart function.

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Earlier, the media reported that Pele’s body had stopped responding to chemotherapy and he was receiving palliative care. In 2022, Pele was hospitalized twice for interventions related to the treatment of three malignant tumors (intestinal, liver and lung) and a urinary tract infection.

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