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Pentagon Announces Two Drones Shot Down in Attempted Attack on US Base in Syria


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Pentagon Confirms Two Drones Shot Down While Targeting US Base in Syria

The Pentagon has announced that two drones were shot down while attempting to target a US base in Syria on Monday. The country has blamed Iran for recent drone attacks.

Threats to US Interests Over Support for Israel

Factions close to Iran, armed and threatening to attack US interests, are reacting to Washington’s support for Israel. In response to a cross-border attack from Gaza by Hamas that resulted in over 1,400 deaths, Israel launched attacks on civilian infrastructure, including hospitals, schools, and markets.

Israeli Retaliatory Bombing Results in Over 5,000 Deaths

The retaliatory bombing by Israel in Gaza has resulted in over 5,000 deaths, according to the Gaza Ministry of Health.

No Casualties Among American Forces

Pentagon spokesman Brigadier General Pat Ryder has confirmed that there were no casualties among American forces during the drone attack on Al-Tanf in Syria. Two attack drones were shot down using defensive systems, but no further details were provided.

Attack on US Forces in Syria and Iraq

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An anonymous American defense official stated that the attack targeted forces from the United States and the international coalition against the ISIS terrorist organization. The Islamic Resistance in Iraq claimed responsibility for launching drones against American forces in Al-Tanf and Al-Malikiyah in Syria. They also claimed to have targeted US forces in Iraq, although the US could not confirm this. Last week, US forces shot down two drones in Iraq.

US Military Presence in Syria and Iraq

The United States currently has approximately 900 soldiers in Syria and 2,500 in Iraq.

Iran Accused of Facilitating Attacks on US Bases

Washington has accused Iran of facilitating a series of recent attacks on American bases in the Middle East. National Security Council spokesman John Kirby stated that there has been an escalation in missile and drone attacks against military bases housing US personnel in Iraq and Syria, blaming Iranian-backed proxy groups.

US Determined to Respond to Iranian Involvement

Kirby emphasized that the US will not allow Iran to maintain deniability in these attacks. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has ordered the US military to take necessary steps to defend forces and respond decisively. The capabilities of the US military are increasing and improving daily.

Continued Attacks on US Bases

Recent attacks on US bases include a drone attack on the Al-Tanf base in Syria and an attack on the Al-Asad Air Base in Iraq. These attacks have been attributed to Iranian-backed groups.

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