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PEP Patch Notes Update Today on January 31, 2023


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A new update has been released for PEP. You can find all the Game Update details below. PEP is available for all platforms. The file size may vary depending on the platform.

Hello Everyone, Version 0.7.62STM is live, we’re excited to be sharing more of PEP world and story through the introduction of Outpost Perot, a small scale military base in the Bayou Perot of Sothern Louisiana.

–New Mode and New Map!–
Added – Practice Range! with its own dedicated Map (Outpost Perot), Mode (Practice Range), and trials! The practice range contains time based target shooting, melee training, 1v1 PvP, and access to all the throwables and weapons of the main game!

In the future the practice range will feature leader boards for all of the trials, however; for now we are holding off on adding it to ensure the modes stability and that all times will be legitimate.

Added – Trail to throwing knife,

Changed – Throwing Knife speed to 54 was 27,

Fixed – Player being told they had no ammo while trying to throw while throwing.

Changed – Players can now use arrow keys for directional movement,
Changed – Human Player melee slashing range to 2 meters was 1.75,
Changed – Human Player melee slashing width to 1.25 meters was 1,
Changed – Human Player stabbing range to 1.8 meters was 2.2,

Changed – Horde Magic Explosive enchant now prevents bullet penetration.
Changed – Horde Reload Protection enchant price to $3250 was $2500.
Changed – Horde Cocaine Bloom to be 12% less.
Changed – Horde Cocaine Reload buff to 32% was 25%.
Changed – Horde Cocaine Movement buff to 45% was 50%.
Changed – Horde Steroids vision blur to start at 85 meters was 65.
Changed – Horde Steroids perk price to $3000 was $2500.
Changed – Horde Meth Color Curves to be 7% less.
Changed – Horde Magic Explosives Enchant can no longer be applied to explosive weapons.

Fixed – Homing Launcher using wrong weapon icon,
Fixed – Money going negative when dying with too,
Fixed – Money Text not always reflecting actually money value,
Fixed – Losing money on death having chance to steal extra $10,
Fixed – Some Objects culling to close,

Notes – We hope the changes to the throwing knifes and melee will bring them both more into the games active meta and open it up to a wider range of players. As for the Practice Range, we hope for this to be a good starting point for players to learn the games basic, with friends or on their own, and to further expand the game into more single-player/co-op experiences.

We have some very special announcements planned for the coming weeks the first of which will be the addition of a new skin set for valentines day and an upcoming LTE!

Source: Steam

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