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Per Day, Trump Raised over Four Million Dollars


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Moscow, April 1 – Former US President Donald Trump raised more than $4 million the day after he was impeached, USA Today reports, citing a statement from his presidential campaign organizers.
Former President Donald Trump raised more than $4 million in the 24 hours after the indictments became known, according to his campaign organizers.
Hours after the accusations against Trump were revealed, organizers of his presidential campaign sent emails to his supporters asking for donations to stop what Trump himself called a “witch hunt.”

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Earlier, it became known that a grand jury in New York voted to convict Trump. Manhattan prosecutors have charged the former US president with more than 30 counts of commercial fraud, according to CNN sources. Officially, the charges will only be announced when Trump appears in court, but presumably we are talking about the case of porn actress Stormy Daniels – she was allegedly paid a large sum for her silence about the alleged affair with Trump. The former boss had previously denied a relationship with Daniels and any illegal actions on his part. Trump also said that the persecution is purely political and related to his intention to run for president in 2024.
Trump is expected in court on April 4. As the politician’s lawyer, Joe Tacubina, said earlier, during his appearance, the former US president intends to declare his innocence.
And before that, former US President Donald Trump had already called on “74 million” of his supporters to sign a petition against the possibility of his arrest, and the signatories were asked to donate an estimated amount of 24 to 3.3 thousand dollars to his campaign. .

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