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Phil Harrison, The Head of Google’s Gaming Platform Stadia, Resigns After The Service’s Shutdown Announcement


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After the closure of Google Stadia’s cloud gaming platform earlier this year, Phil Harrison, the company’s general manager, left.

Phil Harrison, The Head of Google's Gaming Platform Stadia, Resigns After The Service's Shutdown Announcement_

Business Insider broke the news of his resignation earlier today. Harrison joined the firm in 2018, although neither Google nor Harrison has provided an official statement. His LinkedIn profile, which notes that his employment with Google ended this month, confirms the story of his resignation.

According to reports, Harrison’s resignation occurred far earlier in the year, immediately after Google Stadia’s closing days in January. Harrison had direct control over Google Stadia’s development and guided it through a challenging launch period that had given the service a reputation for being unpopular due to its subscription-based model and dearth of features.

The streaming service intended to work with influential figures like Hideo Kojima to produce exclusive titles and was seen as a possible major participant in the present market. Deals, however, rarely materialized. Harrison declared that Google had ceased internal development in 2021.

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Phil Harrison, The Head of Google's Gaming Platform Stadia, Resigns After The Ser vice's Shutdown Announcement_

Soon after, Harrison announced the service would be discontinued owing to poor performance on Stadia’s official blog:

We’ve decided to start shutting down our Stadia streaming service because it (Stadia) still needs to amass the user base we anticipated.

Harrison, who has held high positions at Sony and Microsoft, has yet to explain what comes next. In contrast, Google completely abandoned the gaming industry after shutting down its white-label streaming service.

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