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Player Banned for Being Mistaken as a Bot: The Story of Shamm-Bamm in World of Warcraft


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Taken for a bot, he gets banned

Sometimes it’s better to take your time than to rush if you want to avoid problems. A player of World of Warcraft who was very dedicated has paid the price for his enthusiasm after attempting to complete a particularly difficult achievement.

The achievement in question, “All sick” (known as “Insane in the Membrane” in the original version), requires players to invest a significant amount of time and effort. It involves obtaining the favor of different factions by completing numerous quests for them.

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However, the player Shamm-Bamm, who wanted to accomplish this achievement, encountered a problem. He embarked on an intense grind of various dungeons to collect resources necessary for completing the quests. Unfortunately, his dedicated gameplay caught the attention of WoW moderation, leading to his ban. Disheartened by this turn of events, Shamm-Bamm decided to share his experience on Reddit to raise awareness about his situation.

A textbook case

Shamm-Bamm firmly asserts that he obtained his resources legitimately and never resorted to cheating in World of Warcraft. He explains that he is simply an enthusiastic player who wanted to achieve his goal as quickly as possible. Many other players in the comments section agree that his situation is not uncommon, with moderation often banning players who receive multiple reports.

Fearing a long wait for a resolution, Shamm-Bamm appealed the ban. Surprisingly, shortly after sharing his story on Reddit, moderation reconsidered and lifted the ban. A happy ending indeed. However, it remains uncertain whether Shamm-Bamm will continue his intense farming activities with the same level of dedication.

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