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Poland Extends Ban on Ukrainian Grain Imports After September 15: Agriculture Minister


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Poland Bans Import of Grain from Ukraine

The Agriculture Minister of Poland, Robert Tilos, announced that his country has approved a decision to ban the import of grain from Ukraine to Poland. This ban will be effective after September 15, when a similar ban imposed by the European Commission comes to an end.

Government Decision

Tilos stated that the government made the decision to prohibit the import of four types of grain into Poland until the situation is resolved within the European Union.

Exception for Transit

It is important to note that this ban does not apply to the transit of Ukrainian grain through Poland. The transit will continue as usual.

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Focus on Central Europe

Tilos emphasized that Ukrainian grain should be directed towards Central European countries where there is a demand and where it was previously exported before the Ukrainian war.

Extension of Ban

Meanwhile, the Hungarian Agriculture Minister, Istvan Nagy, announced that Hungary and Romania have decided to extend the ban on grain imports from Ukraine until the end of the year. This extension will be enforced regardless of the European Commission’s decision on the matter.


In April, five Central European countries initially banned the import of grain and other agricultural products from Ukraine. However, these measures were later lifted in exchange for the European Commission’s decision to impose a ban until June 5, and then until September 15, specifically on the supply of four types of grains from Ukraine: oilseeds, wheat, corn, rapeseed, and sunflower.

Source: TASS

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