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Poland Identifies Culprit Behind Ukraine’s Issues


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Moscow, March 25 – Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki told Politico in an interview that Germany can and should provide more active support to the Kiev regime.
In his opinion, Berlin was not as generous towards Zelensky as it tries to pretend.
At the same time, he accused Germany of deepening relations with Moscow, the energy crisis that hit Western countries after the refusal of Russian fuel.

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“They are responsible for what is happening, for this mess in the energy market,” Morawiecki said.
Earlier, the Polish ambassador to France Jan Emeric Rosszewski said on the air of the LCI channel that Warsaw would come into conflict with Moscow if Ukraine could not “defend its independence.” Later, the country’s embassy was forced to refute his statement. The CNT, in turn, demanded the diplomat’s resignation.

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