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Police Officer Shot During Paris Protest


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Paris, March 17 – At a demonstration in Paris, during clashes between extremists and law enforcement officers, a policeman was injured, the News Agency correspondent reported.
Violent clashes between extremists and police began in protests against pension reform in Paris. The radicals began to smash the reformist structures that blocked two fountains in the square, tearing out the sheets and metal beams from there. They also dismantled paving stones and pelted the police with gravel.
At least one policeman was injured and was dragged away by other policemen.
The police began to actively use tear gas to disperse the demonstration.
Earlier, the demonstrators set a large fire in the square, burning bicycles and barriers. In the same place they burned a cardboard effigy with Macron’s image.

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On the Place de la Concorde, a spontaneous rally against pension reform is taking place, several thousand people gather at it. They chanted “Macron resign!” , “Paris wake up!” “,” Young people on the streets, cunning, this is war! There are many young people among the participants, as well as radicals from the black bloc.
The police blocked access to the square in advance from all nearby streets, as well as from the outgrowths of Concorde, the Champs Elysees and the Tuileries Garden.
Law enforcement officers on duty in the field. Access to the Bourbon Palace, where the National Assembly is located, was blocked by water cannons.
On the eve of the Place de la Concorde, there was also a massive rally against the pension reform adopted by the government, which was dispersed by the police with water cannons.

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