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Poltava to Rename Over 100 Streets Linked to Russian History


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Moscow, March 9 – The Executive Committee of the Poltava City Council decided to rename 99 city streets and lanes, whose names are associated with the Russian Federation and the USSR, the general edition reported on Thursday.
It is reported that at the meeting of the Executive Committee it was decided to rename 99 geographical names. According to Leonid Bulava, deputy head of the working group on street renaming in Poltava society, names in honor of Russian or Soviet military figures, war heroes, politicians or events are subject to renaming. Voting will take place on an electronic platform and will run from March 15th to 29th.

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Earlier, the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory published a list of 520 historical figures whose activities fall under the law on “abolition of the union”, and therefore their names should disappear from the geographical names.
The dismantling of monuments related to Soviet history, as well as the renaming of streets, began in Ukraine in 2015, when a law was passed on the abolition of unity. Recently, the Ukrainian authorities have begun to fight not only with Soviet history, but with everything related to Russia.

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