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Polygon is testing ZK clusters prior to mainnet integration


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Today, Polygon, an ethereum (ETH) side chain, said they are in the final phase of testing zero-knowledge (ZK) pools. This is when they measured the functionality of the zero-knowledge Ethereum virtual machine (zkEVM) prior to mainnet integration. ZK Groups is a privacy-oriented layer-two scaling solution.

Zero Knowledge compilations are in their final stages

So was the Polygon Hermez team Action To improve zkEVM for more than three years. David Schwartz, Polygon zkEVM and PolygonID project lead, said that they have successfully demonstrated that ZK Proof is workable on Ethereum. Having started over 12,000 peripheral directories in a popular model of the zkEVM network system.

Polygon zkEVM contains the first full source code release of its EVM equivalent, zkProver. This version can pass all Ethereum numerical tests with a score of over 99%. Since the Polygon Hermez team was the first to create the original zkEVM, accomplishing proofs of authenticity for traditional user transactions has been described as “the most complex and satisfying effort”.

David added that Layer 2 solutions have proven to be instrumental in enhancing ethereum’s scalability. Its evaluation factors in gradual improvement in functionality and development over time.

Accumulators solve the scaling problem faced by some public blockchains, especially Ethereum. By pooling off-chain transactions, block processing is faster, cheaper, and more secure. ZK clusters use packet transmissions and proofs for processing. These proofs are small pieces of encrypted information that testify to the truth and integrity of the contract.

zkEVM polygon progression

In October 2022, Polygon launched zkEVM, arguing that it hopes to become the leading network for providing scalability using its innovations on ethereum. Polygon earlier predicted the launch and mainnet integration of zkEVM in the first quarter of 2023.

Mihailo Bjelic, co-founder of Polygon, stated that the vast entities and individuals thought it would take some time to release zkEVM on the mainnet.

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