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POPUCOM: A 3D Multiplayer Adventure Game by Hypergryph for PS4 and PS5


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Developer Hypergryph Presents Trailer for Popucom


Developer Hypergryph presents us a trailer Popucom for PS4 and PS5. We can find all information about this in the press release:

About Hypergryph and Popucom

The developer HYPERGRIEF announces with POPUCOM a 3D multiplayer adventure game that relies on puzzle and tile matching elements. The title supports both coop and online coop for up to four players and will be available on Steam, the Epic Games Store and PlayStation. The company is best known for developing the tower defense RPG Arknights, which is available for Android and iOS.

First Practical Experiences and Tokyo Games Show

First practical experiences of POPUCOM is becoming HYPERGRIEF Anyone interested can attend this year’s Tokyo Games Show, which takes place from September 21 to 24. The developer would also like to present the already announced 3D RPG Ex Astris on site.

Game Overview

POPUCOM is a fantasy adventure set in a mysterious parallel universe. Up to four players at the same time can play different levels with unique and colorful themes such as polar icebergs, deserts or amusement parks. The players face a variety of threats and obstacles, which they must overcome through teamwork and the use of objects, different colors and mechanisms. To promote team spirit even more POPUCOM also entertaining and relaxing minigames that can be played together with friends.

Young Heroes Saving a Devastated Planet

In the world of POPUCOM people have discovered a new and very powerful semiconductor material that has been monopolized by an evil company. Excessive industrial production resulted in tons of toxic waste, creating mutated life forms called Pomu that have devastated the entire planet. Shortly before his death, however, a scientist managed to complete a code for a robot that could finally call for help 100 years after the catastrophe using a portal device: young heroes on a mission to save the world.

Game Features

  • A world full of colors: In order for players to take advantage of different effects and overcome obstacles, they must change their color to match certain mechanics. The right timing is the most important thing.
  • Shoot and blast: When players shoot a pomu with the Rainbow Popper, another pomu is created in the same color as the ball. If you manage to bring three Pomus of the same color together, they will burst automatically.
  • Recruit powerful companions: Additionally, they can recruit Rollo the Bomb, Captain Kitty, Barrier Bot and Power Kid as helpful companions to solve puzzles and save the world.
  • An adventure without limits: Players can choose from a variety of equipment and customize the appearance of their young heroes.

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