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Portuguese Star Unveiled by Masseur Ronaldo


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Rod Thornley, a former Manchester United massage therapist, has revealed bizarre details about former Red Devils star Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo and how he helped him connect with several international artists.

In an interview published by the Spanish newspaper Marca, Thornley told some stories he gathered with the Portuguese star during massage sessions during Manchester’s first Don period between 2003 and 2009.

Thornley said: “Ronaldo was doing a screening and we were watching The X Factor, then he asked me who the girl was. I told him that Dani Minogue, Kylie’s sister, asked me to look up her number, and a few days later I actually brought it. They went out together a few times, but it didn’t develop.”

He added: “Again, four or five months later, we were watching The X Factor and Cristiano was going to go to Real Madrid and we knew he was leaving the club at the end of the season.”

And he added: “The Pussy Cat Dolls team appears, and Ronaldo asks me: who is this girl? .. and it was Kimberly White.”

And Thornley continued: “He asked me for her phone number, but I thought about it and said to him:” What will I get in return for this? I have the numbers of many girls everywhere and I do not get any benefit from it, but Ronaldo said “to me: do you like my car?”

Thornley referred to Ronaldo’s promise to sell him his Porsche at half price before adding, “It only took 10 minutes before I got her phone number.”

At the end of the season, the masseur did not forget about his contract with the Portuguese legend and reminded him of it, so Ronaldo fulfilled his promise and gave him a car for 30,000 pounds, knowing that its real price was 60,000.

Thornley confirmed that he sold the car the next day for £60,000.

Notably, Ronaldo had already left Manchester United in 2009 to join Real Madrid, with whom he spent nine seasons, then moved to Juventus before returning to Manchester United in the summer of 2021, and from there to your current team. Al-Nasr Saudi Arabia.

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