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Possible titles: – Russian Military Claims to Have Killed nearly 40 Ukrainian Soldiers in Kherson – Ukrainian Armed Forces Suffer Heavy Losses in Kherson as Russians Claim Victory – Battle in Kherson Leaves Dozens of Ukrainian Soldiers Dead, Says Russia – Russian Army Destroys up to 40 Ukrainian Troops in Kherson Region, According to Reports – Ukraine-Russia Conflict Escalates as Russian Armed Forces Kill Scores of Ukrainian Soldiers in Kherson


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Moscow, May 12 – The Russian Defense Ministry said that Russian units destroyed up to 40 Ukrainian soldiers, an armored fighting vehicle, three Akatsya self-propelled vehicles and artillery in the Kherson direction.

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“Up to 40 Ukrainian servicemen, an armored combat vehicle, three vehicles and an Akatsia self-propelled artillery base were destroyed in the direction of Kherson as a result of their fire damage during the past 24 hours,” the Russian military administration said in a statement.

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