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Prehistoric “living fossils” swim in the “wave”!


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A tourist noticed a group of “living fossils” that existed on our planet about 550 million years ago when he was exploring a famous rock formation in Arizona.

A group of prehistoric tadpole shrimp that lived alongside dinosaurs was filmed swimming in a pool of water at The Wave.

Adar Leibovitz, 29, was visiting the rock when he saw some strange three-eyed creatures in a pond.

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This computer engineer stated on his Instagram account, saying, “I was very confused because I was in the middle of the desert and there were living beings in the pond, how could this be?”

Named after the Greek term for “three eyes,” triops are sometimes referred to as tadpole shrimp because of their long, drooping tails, or “scale shrimp” because of their helmet-like shell.

These creatures also have two large compound eyes and a small eye, or “simple eye”, in the middle with photoreceptors to help detect light.

Triops is called the “dinosaur shrimp” because its appearance has not changed much from fossils dating back to the Devonian period, between 419 and 359 million years ago.

The video shows four Triops swimming in a shallow pool in a stunning rock formation.

Although triops are rarely seen, another sighting was reported in Arizona last year.

In October, monsoons awaken exotic crustaceans from their long-term slumber.

Source: Daily Mail

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