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Prevent Sleep Wrinkles: Dermatologist’s Tips for Fresh and Smooth Skin After Sleep


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Preventing Wrinkles After Sleep: Expert Tips

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As a person ages, they may notice the presence of wrinkles and folds on their face after sleep, which unfortunately do not disappear over time.

What are Sleep Lines?

In an interview with Gazeta.Ru, Dr. Shabagi Madieva, a dermatologist and cosmetologist, explains that these wrinkles are commonly referred to as “sleep lines” or “sleep wrinkles.”

The Importance of Good Sleep

According to Dr. Madieva, one of the main factors contributing to the appearance of sleep wrinkles is the quality of sleep. This depends on having a comfortable bed, mattress, sheets, and covers. The pillow and sleeping position also play crucial roles in preventing wrinkles.

Worst Sleeping Positions

Dr. Madieva suggests that sleeping on your side or stomach can be detrimental, as these positions can lead to the early development of wrinkles on the neck, face, and upper chest.

Causes of Sleep Wrinkles

As collagen, hyaluronic acid, and fibroblast function decrease with age, the skin becomes thinner and more sensitive. Sleep wrinkles typically start to appear after the age of thirty. The doctor can often determine the side on which a patient sleeps by observing where the deepest and most noticeable wrinkles form.

Preventing and Reducing Sleep Wrinkles

Dr. Madieva recommends several ways to minimize or prevent the appearance of wrinkles after sleep. Sleeping on a medium or low height pillow is advised, as using a high pillow can cause wrinkles on the neck and cheeks. It is also recommended to sleep face up, and extra pillows can be used to prevent rolling onto the stomach or side during sleep. Additionally, using a soft cloth pillow cover that won’t scratch the skin is crucial.

Special Pillows for Wrinkle Prevention

For individuals who cannot sleep on their back, Dr. Madieva suggests using a special anatomical pillow with a low position for the cheek. These pillows help prevent the appearance of wrinkles and reduce swelling after sleep.


To maintain fresh, smooth, and beautiful skin after sleep, it is important to prioritize good sleep habits and take steps to minimize sleep wrinkles. By following these expert tips, you can help prevent the formation of wrinkles and promote healthier skin.



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