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Prince Mohammed bin Salman announces the opening of a strategic office in the Kingdom


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Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman announced the establishment of a strategic office for the development of the northern border region, according to SPA agency today, Monday.

The office aims to increase the level of development of the cities and provinces of the region, as well as to improve the quality of life of its residents and visitors through investments in the economic, natural and historical elements of the region and its strategic border location. as one of the northern gates of the Kingdom.

The agency added that the Strategic Directorate for the Development of the Northern Border Region will be responsible for launching specific initiatives and projects that contribute to creating an attractive investment environment for capital, which will allow for great development and economic recovery and provide employment opportunities for men. and women citizens, in a way that contributes to the achievement of sustainable development goals. Government agencies to support development in cities and governorates of the northern borders, organize their development mechanisms and measure the effectiveness of government agencies by reusing the potential and natural resources. resources in such a way as to enhance their economic and social aspects, and be the core for creating the authority of development in the region.

She stated that the strategic office is focusing on harnessing the exceptional opportunities that the region and its cities have, in addition to investing in the components of natural, tourism and historical heritage that abound in it, in order to increase its contribution to the national economy, as well as create a balanced a development environment that attracts local and foreign investment, which diversifies the sources of income of citizens, as well as the office’s contribution to expanding employment opportunities for residents of the region.

She indicated that the Strategic Directorate for the Development of the Northern Borders Region will work to remove any difficulties or obstacles that prevent the maximum use of the economic potential that abounds in the provinces in agricultural, tourism, cultural, historical and entertainment projects.

Source: SPA

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