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Pro-Palestinian Associations Organize Demonstration in Paris: Demand Ceasefire from Israel


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Pro-Palestinian Demonstration in Paris

Pro-Palestinian associations and various political parties organized a demonstration in Place de la République in Paris, calling for an immediate ceasefire from Israel. Several hundred people gathered in the square, chanting slogans against President Macron and expressing solidarity with the Palestinians. The participants displayed posters demanding an end to the siege on the Gaza Strip and freedom for Palestine. Police were present at nearby metro stations and around the square to maintain security.

Joint Statement and Calls for Peace

Pro-Palestinian associations in France issued a joint statement condemning Israel’s actions and urging France to demand an immediate ceasefire. They criticized Hamas but emphasized that nothing justifies the war crimes committed by Israel and its allies. The statement called on President Macron to stop his unconditional support for Israel’s policies and to listen to France’s voice for the sake of peace.

Political Associations Join the Demonstration

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Political associations, including the Permanent Revolution, the Workers’ Party, and the New Anti-Capitalist Party, participated in the demonstration. These parties are under investigation in France for refusing to condemn Hamas attacks against Israel, which has led to accusations of justifying terrorism. The Workers’ Struggle Party of the Communist Party also took part in the event, calling for unity between workers in France and Palestine.

Banned Demonstrations and the French Council of State Decision

Earlier, two pro-Palestine demonstrations in Lyon were initially banned by local authorities in the Rhone department but the ban was later lifted at the national level. The French authorities have previously banned several protests in support of Palestine, yet these demonstrations have still attracted hundreds of participants. On Wednesday, the French Council of State refused to impose a ban on pro-Palestinian demonstrations in the country, leading to a massive march in support of Palestine in Paris the following day.

The Ongoing Conflict and Casualties

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict has been a source of tension and fighting in the region for many decades. The recent escalation began on October 7, with an unprecedented missile attack from the Gaza Strip by Hamas. In response, Israel launched Operation Iron Swords against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The conflict has resulted in a high number of casualties, with thousands of people killed or injured in the Gaza Strip and Israel. Several Russians have also been affected, with casualties, hostages, and missing individuals reported. The Russian Foreign Ministry and President Putin have called for an end to hostilities and reiterated the need for a two-state solution based on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as the capital of an independent Palestinian state.

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