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PS5 Pro Development Kit: Square Enix Receives Early Access and Leaks New Rumors and Game Releases


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PS5 Pro Development Kit: Square Enix Receives Early Access

Rumors are circulating that Square Enix has obtained the PS5 Pro development kit, allowing them to directly test the capabilities of Sony’s upcoming console model. A leaker known as “I Am a Hero Too” has made this claim, along with several other revelations.

New Rumors and Game Releases

In addition to the PS5 Pro news, the leaker shared nine rumors about the alleged PlayStation Pro model. They also revealed that a Bloodborne Remaster is set to release in 2025, and the highly anticipated Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be coming to the rumored Nintendo Switch 2.

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The Insider’s Statement

The leaker, who goes by the name “I, too, a hero”, made a statement on Reddit regarding Square Enix’s possession of new PS5 devkits:

“Square Enix has some new PS5 devkits and I honestly assume they’re from the PS5 ‘Pro’.”

Unfortunately, no further details were provided about Square Enix’s plans with the devkits, leaving fans in anticipation. It’s worth noting that the official announcement of the PS5 Pro is yet to happen, with only insider Tom Henderson revealing potential information on its release date, specifications, and code name.

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