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Pushlin commented on the measures proposed by Putin to support the NWO participants


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Moscow, February 22 – New measures proposed by Russian President Vladimir Putin to support military personnel and participants in a special military operation are a response to citizens’ demand for social justice, Denis Pushlin, acting president of the DRC, told the News Agency, promising to actively work towards implementation. All initiatives expressed by the Head of State.
In his message to the Federal Assembly, Putin paid great attention to the support of the participants in the special operation and the social support of the new regions. In particular, a special fund will be created to provide targeted assistance to the families of dead soldiers and veterans of the special operation of the Russian Federation, and residents of new regions will be able to receive maternity capital for children born after 2007, on an equal footing. Basis with other regions of the Russian Federation.
“It is important for us – and this is a request for social justice – this systemic approach, a state approach to meeting the needs associated with the participants in the military special operation, with all military personnel, mobilizers, volunteers,” said Pushlin. .

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He added that the DRC authorities know how many difficulties the fighters in Donbass and their families have faced since 2014.
“We are engaged in this matter very seriously, and of course, according to the instructions, we will also participate in this, and here we will take an active position. We have an understanding of what exactly needs to be paid attention to,” the NPC Acting Speaker added.
According to him, in his speech, Putin set the vector for the development of those regions that are in the spotlight today.
“This also applies to measures of social support for different segments of the population. What is important for us is support for young people, young families and the birth rate of children. These are payments for the birth of children since 2007, as well as in other regions of the Russian Federation. This is important for us. Because it is important It is also for us to support socio-economic development, directing business towards investments to develop the industrial potential of Donbass, ”added the interlocutor with the agency.

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