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Putin and Zyuganov discussed the military-political situation and the development of Russia


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Moscow, February 13 – State Duma deputy from the Communist Party Alexander Yushchenko told the News Agency that during the meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov, the military-political situation and the country’s development strategy were discussed.
Putin, at a meeting with Zyuganov on Monday, congratulated all Communists on the 30th anniversary of the party’s formation. The head of state noted that the Communist Party of the Russian Federation is an important part of the national movement in the country.
“The military-political situation was discussed, and today it dictates the main directions of the economy. We insist on our program on the program of mobilizing economic potential in order to adequately respond to all economic and political challenges. In this regard, we have drawn up a development budget of 43 trillion dollars and we expect the hour to come X when our proposals are required. I think discussions have been going on about this, he said.

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The parliamentarian added that other important issues were also discussed.
He added that “the president and Gennady Andreyevich discussed not only the strategy for the future development of Russia, but also the need to support the workers. The proposals of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation on this were also presented.”

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