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Putin announced the creation of a fund to support veterans and families of the victims


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President Vladimir Putin announced the creation of a special state fund, whose task is to help veterans of the special military operation and the families of victims of the confrontation with Ukraine.

President Putin, in his address to the Federal Assembly on Tuesday, noted that the fund would provide a full range of tools to support these categories of citizens: psychological and medical assistance, assistance in finding employment and starting a business, organizing long-term home care, and others.

He instructed the government to take the necessary steps to establish the fund and stressed that the creation of the fund does not remove the responsibility of various government agencies in providing support to veterans and the families of the victims.

As for the world of work in general, Putin stressed that the government and authorities were able to protect citizens, save jobs and provide financial support to the business sector, as measures were taken for one trillion rubles (money that is not printed without cover). introduced in March last year.

He noted that unemployment in Russia has now fallen to a historic low of 3.7%.

Putin also proposed introducing a social support program “pregnancy and childbirth allowance” for families in the new Russian regions, namely for families in which children were born since 2007.

Source: RT

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