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Putin announces record trade with China


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Russian President Vladimir Putin said that trade between Russia and China grew by 25% in 2022, despite blackmail measures taken by some Western countries.

This happened during a meeting of the two presidents via video technology today, Friday, at which Putin congratulated the Chinese president on the New Year.

The Russian President has indicated that trade between the two countries is likely to reach the level of $200 billion by that date.

According to him, “Despite the unfavorable external situation, illegal restrictions and direct blackmail by some Western countries, Russia and China managed to ensure record high growth rates of trade. By the end of the year, it will grow by about 25%, and with such dynamics, we will be able to achieve our goal of $ 200 billion by 2024 ahead of schedule.

Putin also noted that Russia ranks second in pipeline gas supplies to China and fourth in liquefied natural gas supplies.

He stressed that next year Russia will increase the volume of gas pumped to China and will work with China to create additional capacities in the production and processing of hydrocarbons.

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