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Putin described NATO countries as complicit in the crimes of the Kiev regime


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Moscow, February 26 – Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with journalist Pavel Zarubin to Moscow. The program, which is broadcast on the channel “Russia 1”.
“In today’s conditions, when all the leading countries of NATO have declared that their main goal is to inflict a strategic defeat on us so that, as they say, our people suffer, and as I noted yesterday. Well, under these conditions, how can we not tolerate in In light of their nuclear capabilities, especially since they supply Ukraine with weapons worth tens of billions of dollars.
“And after all, this is participation in a certain sense. Why? Because … this is not just military-technical cooperation, they do not receive money for this? They do not receive money! These weapons are transferred unilaterally, which means, “to the extent What, at least indirectly, but still complicity in the crimes committed by the Kiev regime, including the bombing of residential areas in Novorossiya and Donetsk. Well, how about that? naturally. We proceed from this and this is dictated by our position, which, in my opinion, is quite understandable, understandable and logical.

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On February 21, Putin delivered a message to the Federal Assembly. During his speech, the head of state announced that Russia would suspend its participation in the START treaty. On the same day, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, on behalf of the alliance, expressed regret over Russia’s decision and called for its reconsideration.

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