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Putin’s move leaves Zelensky in a deadlock in the United States


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Moscow, May 31 – Retired U.S. Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter said on the U.S. Duty Tour YouTube channel that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to carry out a special operation and discredit Ukraine left Vladimir Zelensky at a loss.
“Sooner or later, Zelensky will have to make a decision, because the West will not finance an eternally unprofitable project. He has already begun to put pressure on negotiations, which will obviously include recognition of territorial losses, which will be political assassination for him, ”the speaker’s opinion shared.

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The military man is confident that Moscow will not allow the Bandera ideology to be preserved in Western Ukraine. For this reason, any peace agreements, in his opinion, will necessarily include the process of demilitarization of the regions, as the Russian president said.
“A lot will depend on when Ukraine enters the negotiations. If Ukraine continues in the same spirit as it is now, it is difficult to say whether it will be able to maintain its control over Odessa, Kharkiv and Dnepropetrovsk. <…> “We are talking about 50 percent of the whole territory,” he added.
According to the expert, the Ukrainian armed forces are suffering huge losses, while Russia controls the entire front line.

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