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Racially Motivated Shooting at Florida Discount Store: White Man Kills Three Black People in Hate Crime


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Racially Motivated Shooting at Florida Discount Store Leaves Three Dead

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A tragic incident occurred at a discount store in Florida on Saturday when a young white man opened fire, targeting and killing three black individuals. The shooter, who has not yet been identified, subsequently took his own life after a confrontation with the police. Jacksonville Police Chief TK Waters declared the attack as racially motivated, stating that the gunman had explicitly expressed his desire to kill black people.

The Attack

According to the sheriff’s office, the shooter entered the Dollar General store wearing a tactical vest and armed with an AR and a handgun. Disturbingly, the gunman’s family found evidence prior to the incident that revealed his hateful ideology. One of the weapons used in the attack even had a hand-painted swastika on it.

Proximity to Edward Waters University

The shooting took place near Edward Waters University, a historically black college in Florida. While the shooter had been on campus earlier that day, no one at the university was harmed. A campus security officer engaged with the shooter near the Centennial Library, asking the individual to leave. The shooter, later identified as the attacker, complied and left without incident.

Hate Crime Investigation

Authorities, including the FBI, have classified the shooting as a hate crime. Sherry Onkes, the bureau’s special agent in Jacksonville, confirmed that the FBI would conduct a thorough investigation. Officials have stated that there is no indication that the shooter was part of a larger group, emphasizing that he acted alone in carrying out this heinous act of violence.

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