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Ramping up Development: Job Opportunities and Release Date Expectations for the Splinter Cell Remake


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The Exciting Future of the Splinter Cell Remake

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When the Splinter Cell Remake was first revealed

Fans could hardly believe it. For so long it looked like Sam Fisher was to remain a character Ubisoft called back to for a nostalgia hit across its other titles.

Ramping up development for the remake

Hopefully, the remake is able to invigorate the series and lead to brand new entries. For now, it seems like Ubisoft Toronto, the lead studio on the remake, is ramping up development with multiple job listings currently up.

Job opportunities for the Splinter Cell Remake

There are currently 12 jobs listed across departments for Ubisoft Toronto alone to work on the Splinter Cell Remake. These include positions such as gameplay animator, narrative designer, texture artist, technical director for art, and more.

Release date expectations

While the job listings indicate progress, it also suggests that we still have some time before we can expect to see a release date. This could be a sign that the Splinter Cell Remake will become more of a focus across Ubisoft now that Assassin’s Creed Mirage is available.

Anticipation for the release

No matter how long it takes, so long as the Splinter Cell Remake is released and doesn’t get into Skull & Bones or Beyond Good & Evil 2 purgatory, that could be enough for some fans. However, it would also be nice if it became an excellent remake.

Source: Ubisoft

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