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Ranking the Best One Piece Arcs: From Gol D. Roger’s Speech to Sanji’s Hunger


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Content Ranking of One Piece Arcs

Content Ranking of One Piece Arcs

Introduction and Gol D. Roger’s Speech

In the beginning of One Piece, the manga starts with Gol D. Roger, the most wanted pirate in the world, delivering his final words before his execution. These words serve as a double message for newcomers, as Roger speaks of his treasure, the One Piece, and invites anyone to find it. Even after 25 years, these words remain a mystery for millions of readers.

The Introduction of Shanks

The introduction of Shanks, a pirate and father figure to Luffy, is a significant moment in One Piece. Initially portrayed as a carefree pirate, Shanks proves his strength by sacrificing his arm to save Luffy from a sea monster. This act earns him respect and sets the stage for his character development throughout the manga.

The Meeting Between Zoro and Luffy

One of the strengths of One Piece is its rich character development. Despite their contrasting personalities, Luffy and Zoro form a strong bond based on their shared ambition. Their first meeting in Shells Town showcases Zoro’s initial dark portrayal as a fearsome beast, contrasting with Luffy’s naive but determined nature. It is through Luffy’s confidence that he is able to connect with and “tame” Zoro, making them a powerful captain and first mate duo.

The Introduction of Buggy

Buggy the Clown, an antagonist in One Piece, is initially presented as a dark character, but later revealed to be a cowardly clown. Despite this, Buggy remains an important character in the series, having been part of Gol D. Roger’s crew alongside Shanks. Buggy’s introduction serves as a stark contrast to Shanks and should not be overlooked by viewers.

The First Major Twist and the Promise of Adventure

Although relatively minor compared to other arcs, the Syrup Island arc introduces Usopp and presents a major twist in the story. Usopp, a former carpenter and later the marksman of the Straw Hat Pirates, has a personal story that adds depth to his character. The arc also unveils Kuro, a villain who betrays his employer, Kaya, and reveals his true sinister intentions. This twist marks the beginning of the Straw Hat Pirates’ great adventure, as they finally acquire their ship, the Going Merry.

Sanji and the Fear of Hunger

Sanji, the chef of the Straw Hat Pirates, has a backstory that revolves around his passion for cooking and his encounter with Zeff the Red-Legged pirate. After Zeff saves Sanji from drowning and they find themselves stranded on a rock, Sanji learns the value of food and the sacrifices Zeff made to survive. This moment shapes Sanji’s character and his role in the manga.

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