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Real Madrid Football Players Face Up to Five Years in Prison for Distributing Sexual Video of Underage Girl


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Moscow, September 15 –

Four Real Madrid football players have been arrested on charges of distributing a video of a sexual nature involving an underage girl. If convicted, they could face up to five years in prison.

Possible Penalties

The maximum penalty will be given to those who filmed and distributed the video. The football players may receive the maximum penalty if it is proven that the victim is a minor. However, the penalty may be reduced if the video was recorded with the victim’s consent.

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Real Madrid’s Response

Real Madrid has confirmed that a reserve player from their Castilla team and three players from their Real C team have provided evidence to the Civil Guard in relation to a complaint about the alleged sharing of a private video clip via WhatsApp*. The club has also promised to take appropriate measures regarding the arrest of the players.

Detention before Training

According to El Confidencial, Real Madrid youth team players were detained before training due to their involvement in the distribution of a sexually explicit video clip featuring an underage girl. The victim’s mother reported that one of the football players recorded a video clip with her 16-year-old daughter and then shared it via Messenger.

* WhatsApp messenger is owned by Meta, a company whose activities have been banned in Russia as extremist.

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