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Real Madrid Player Alex Baena Receives Death Threats Following Accusations of Assault


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Villarreal player Alex Baena has said he and his family received death threats after he was allegedly assaulted by Uruguayan star Federico Valverde after their match last Saturday.

Numerous reports claimed that Valverde was waiting for Alex Baena next to the Yellow Submarines’ team bus after the match between the two teams last Saturday night in La Liga, and the Uruguayan star told the Villarreal player: “Repeat what you told me on the field about my son,” and then punched him in the face.

And the Spanish media accused Alex Baena of saying to Valverde during a Copa del Rey match on January 19: “Cry now because your son will not be born,” as Mina Bonino, the Real Madrid player’s wife, said. about to lose her second child during pregnancy, but now everything is fine.

Alex Baena has decided to file a complaint against Valverde with the Spanish police for assaulting him while a Villarreal player made his way to the team’s bus after a 3-2 win against Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu. in the Spanish league La Liga.

In an official statement posted on his Twitter account, Baena denied allegations attributed to him of what he said to Valverde, whether in the cup or league match, condemning the messages he received of threats and violence.

In a statement, the Villarreal player said: “Last Saturday after the match against Real Madrid, I was attacked by a professional colleague. After the incident, statements appeared, allegedly made by his accompanying delegation, saying that I wished for the pain of a member of his family, but No. A certificate has been published confirming the facts attributed to me.”

He continued: “The disaster has been used to justify aggression, and there are lies that hurt more than blows. The damage done to my family is irreparable and unjustified: threats, insults and even personal messages wishing death to my family.”

And the 21-year-old Villarreal player concluded his statement by saying: “Yesterday I reported the case to the police, let justice do its job, now my only goal is to focus on my career and help my team achieve their goals.”

For her part, Mina Bonino, Valverde’s wife, said in statements published by the Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo: “After everything we’ve been through, I feel pain because I had to read a statement claiming that we use in catastrophe in their own interests.”

She added: “There is a God who sees everything and knows the truth, and we are calm, but they open a wound that has not yet healed, and I cannot find psychological peace until the baby is born.”

She explained, “There are limits that cannot be crossed. Not everything is allowed in football, and not everything is allowed in life.

“There are limits, and the limit is direct pain that anyone can inflict. I don’t perform for anyone,” she added.

Mina Bonino concluded her speech: “I convey my pain, and if there is someone who does not want to speak today, it is because he does not want to relive what happened, and, on the contrary, he wants to end it. business as quickly as possible.”

At the same time, Federico Valverde refused to publish any statement regarding the “incident with his attack” on the Villarreal player.

According to the Spanish network Defensa Central, many people asked Valverde to appear to comment on the incident and give his point of view on the events, but Valverde decided not to talk about it and stay away from the media because he feels that the most important thing is the Chelsea match in Champions League today, Wednesday, and if he makes a statement. It will hurt his colleagues and the club for this.

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