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Real Madrid’s Top Player Could Be Suspended for 12 Games.


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Uruguayan midfielder Real Madrid Federico Valverde has been suspended for 12 matches for attacking Villarreal winger Alex Baena after a match between the two teams in La Liga.

And reports in the Spanish press showed that Valverde was waiting for Bayena after the match between Real Madrid and Villarreal, which took place at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium on April 8, outside the stadium, and punched him in response to the fact that Bayena kicked the Uruguayan during the meeting. and provoking him, saying, “Weep now, for Your son will not be born.”

The AC newspaper reported that the Spanish National Committee for Combating Violence had decided to refer the case of Valverde and Bayena to the Competition Commission.

The newspaper added that the competition commission will meet the day after tomorrow, on Wednesday, and Valverde and Bayena will be called to testify in the case, and indicated that a possible punishment for the Uruguayan player would be a suspension of 4 to 12 matches. and a decision is expected within a month and a half.

And all this in connection with the sports sanctions against Valverde, given that the criminal case remains open after Bayena filed a complaint with the police against the Real Madrid player.

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