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Recent Prisoner Exchange Takes Place Between Russia and Ukraine with 100 Inmates Involved


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The warring nations, Ukraine and Russia, have returned about 100 captives in the latest exchange, the two countries said Monday.

Kiev and Moscow have held regular prisoner exchanges since Russia invaded Ukraine more than a year ago.

“We will return 100 of our people,” Ukrainian President Andriy Yermak’s chief of staff said via Telegram.

They are military personnel, sailors, border guards and national guards.

Yermak said the exchange included troops who held out in Mariupol – the devastated port city captured by Russia last spring – and that some of them were “severely wounded”.

He described the exchange as “difficult” and thanked the officials for “doing what often seems impossible”.

Yermak posted a video of women in uniform being greeted with flowers.

Moscow said it had returned 106 of its soldiers in return.

“As a result of the negotiations, 106 Russian servicemen were returned from the territory under Kiev’s control,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.

She added that the plane would take them to Moscow for “treatment and rehabilitation”.

The ministry added that “all those released will receive the necessary medical and psychological assistance.”

The previous prisoner exchange between Russia and Ukraine was last month. The authorities announced on 7 March that 130 Ukrainians had been exchanged for 90 Russian servicemen.

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