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Record-Breaking Russian Boxing Championship 2023: Prize Fund Reaches 26 Million Rubles


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Russian Boxing Championship in 2023 to Have a Prize Fund of 26 Million Rubles

According to the website of the Russian Boxing Federation, the prize fund for the upcoming Russian Boxing Championship in 2023 is set to reach 26 million rubles. This championship is highly anticipated by boxing enthusiasts and athletes alike.

Generous Rewards for Winners

The winners in each weight category of the championship will be awarded a substantial prize of 1.5 million rubles. The finalists will receive 250 thousand rubles, while the bronze medalists will be granted 125 thousand rubles.

A Record-Breaking Championship

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Last year’s Russian Championship had a prize fund of 26 million rubles, making it the highest amount in the history of the championship. This demonstrates the growing popularity and significance of the sport in Russia.

Exciting Competition Ahead

The Russian Championship will take place from August 18 to 26 in Khabarovsk. A total of 324 boxers from 60 regions across the country will compete in 13 different weight classes, ensuring a thrilling and diverse competition.

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