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Recreating Starfield on PlayStation 5: Experience the Game with a PC Mod


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Recreating Starfield on PlayStation 5 with a PC Mod

Are you a PlayStation 5 owner longing to experience the highly anticipated video game, Starfield? Unfortunately, it seems that Bethesda has no plans to release the game on the Sony console. However, thanks to a dedicated modder, there is still a way to get a taste of Starfield on your PlayStation 5.

EASKATER, a talented modder, has created a mod specifically designed to transform the user interface of Starfield into a PlayStation 5 version. While it may not provide the complete game experience, it does offer PlayStation fans a way to enjoy Starfield to some extent.

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A Simple Modification for PlayStation Users

With this mod, all the on-screen controls, originally represented by Xbox icons, are replaced with the iconic PlayStation keys. It’s a straightforward modification that may be particularly useful for DualSense controller owners. Now, you can play Starfield on your PC with the familiar PlayStation controls, without worrying about compatibility issues.

Countless Mods to Enhance Your Starfield Experience

If you thought this mod was impressive, you’ll be glad to know that there are many other mods available for Starfield. Although these early mods may have limited impact due to the absence of an official modding tool from Bethesda, enthusiastic fans are actively working on creating an array of exciting mods. We can look forward to months and even years of innovative enhancements to enrich the Starfield gaming experience.

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